DS in the Real World

I’m so glad you asked…

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I vividly remember a grade school science project recording weather conditions for a selection of cities around the country. I sat at our dining room table on a Sunday night with a week’s worth of newspapers, graph paper, and my colored pencils, diligently plotting temperature highs and lows then connecting…

DS in the Real World

Breaking down a research article by Himabindu Lakkaraju, et al.

As a data science student, most of the lectures and labs I encountered covered topics in the abstract. We spent more time discussing irises, Titanic passengers, real estate in King County, WA, and a seemingly endless array of Pokemon than I ever expected I would. However, the more I explored…

Bring your data to life with just one line of code

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As a data science student, I am often reminded that data scientists can spend 60% — 80% of their time cleaning and managing data… and that’s why Exploratory Data Analysis is so important. EDA is not the most glamorous…

Dann Morr

Data Scientist, Musician, Cocktail Maker — — Let’s connect linkedin.com/in/dannmorr/

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